Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus Therapeutic Focus: Vaccines

Therapeutic Focus: Vaccines

Vaccines are in vogue and practically taunting pharma with the potential of blockbuster price tags. But while big companies reign in the sector—largely due to cost- and resource-related barriers of entry—a handful of smaller players are taking a stab at creating vaccines for a narrowing field of unmet diseases, like RSV and C. diff. Rebecca Mayer Knutsen reports

Therapeutic Focus Therapeutic Focus: Women's Health

Therapeutic Focus: Women's Health

From hormone-replacement therapies to super-effective breast-cancer drugs to the so-called female Viagra, innovation within the women's health category has accelerated in recent months.

Therapeutic Focus Therapeutic Focus: Infectious Diseases

Therapeutic Focus: Infectious Diseases

While advances in the treatment of hep.-C have been well noted, the infectious-diseases space has seen considerably less innovation than many other therapeutic areas. Given the stubbornness of superbugs like MRSA and growing antibiotic resistance, the healthcare industry has finally turned its attention to the category. Rebecca Mayer Knutsen outlines the potential threats and solutions

Therapeutic Focus Therapeutic Focus: Autoimmune

Therapeutic Focus: Autoimmune

Therapeutic Focus Therapeutic Focus: Respiratory

Therapeutic Focus: Respiratory

The respiratory field, in which several launches are under way, is branching out, from long-time dominant fixed-dose combinations to a therapeutic arsenal that includes biologics and gene therapy. Rebecca Mayer Knutsen investigates the innovation and the intrigue

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