Before joining 21Grams in January, Anna Kuchinsky spent four years at Inizio Evoke Drive (formerly Evoke Mind+Matter), where she had been described as the agency’s secret weapon and its pitch MVP. There are numbers to back up that praise: Her dedication and efficiency have led to her securing more new business than any other individual in the agency’s history. Over a span of six years, her contributions have been pivotal in the success of Inizio Evoke Drive, while also firmly establishing Kuchinsky as a cornerstone of its growth and scalability.

She is also praised by her colleagues as a team player and an invaluable mentor. She guides internal teams, especially the newer members, through the twists and turns of the business development process. With a unique ability to motivate, she inspires confidence and creates a space for learning and development.

Outside of agency life, Kuchinsky uses her formidable talents and boundless energy to support local progressive political candidates.

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