As the founder of The Med Life, Dr. Adam Goodcoff was a trailblazer in the use of social media for medical education and outreach. He cultivated a substantial social media following, amassing more than 2 million dedicated followers, and used engaging and often interactive content to share vital medical information, which garnered some 800 million views.

After his success with The Med Life, Goodcoff launched MedFluencers, an innovative HCP Influencer marketing agency. As CEO, he continues to pursue novel strategies for disseminating health information among healthcare professionals and patients. The agency’s multifaceted approach has not only empowered medical influencers, but it has also encouraged a closer relationship between the medical community and the general public. In addition to his social media ventures, Goodcoff remains in clinical practice part-time as an emergency medicine physician.

When Goodcoff is not using social media for healthcare education, his interests include travel and photography.

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