In 2022, at just 28 years old, Khari Motayne became a VP at CMI Media Group. He now leads media strategy for corporate communications and key launches of one of the agency’s largest accounts. In the past year, he brought three new treatments to market in the oncology space and was instrumental in shaping the brand’s media strategy.

Beyond that role, Motayne has been a leader within the CMI Media Group when it comes to elevating issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. His passion for positively impacting society and his dedication to fostering inclusivity in the healthcare industry is reflected in his work with the agency’s Inclusive Media Center of Excellence (IMCOE) and his mentoring of diverse talent.

Motayne’s commitment to mentoring extends beyond the agency walls, as he works with diverse talent in the New York and Philadelphia areas to develop core competencies necessary to adjust to corporate life.

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