Over the course of her 18-year career, Lalitha Priya Chandrashekhar (known to colleagues and friends simply as Priya), has worked in-house, on the agency side and now at the agency she established, PFG MedComm. Through her roles as a medical and scientific consultant for companies including McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb and Sanofi Genzyme, Chandrashekhar developed her formidable expertise regarding the healthcare landscape. On the agency side, she then developed and refined her expertise, specializing in health economics market access strategy.

Chandrashekhar established her own firm, PFG MedComm, in 2013. Her dynamic approach connects companies and target markets while her fully remote firm has embraced a new model for working. In the process, it has become an industry leader, known for its inclusive and empowering environment.

Chandrashekhar also blazes trails on the slopes as an avid skier, a sport that she is passing onto her twins.

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