Liz Mansell, who has been with Initiative for almost four years, has brought a fresh approach to healthcare marketing. She focuses on marketing as a mix of art and science while looking for new ways to target HCPs, allowing clients to reach their target audiences in both their “white coat” and “blue jean” moments.

Mansell’s vision and understanding that HCPs are more than just members of a profession has helped clients such as J&J, Gilead and Teva seek out and leverage their moments of receptivity. Using programmatic innovations and advanced analytics to take an audience-first approach, she and her team design “surround sound” media strategies that reach HCPs both when they are reviewing medical journals and during their downtime outside of their practices.

Mansell is a voracious reader, making her way through 50 to 75 books a year. She even founded an Initiative book club.

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