When Lynn Leber joined the Apellis Pharmaceuticals team in 2019, she brought a wealth of experience from 13 years at Publicis Health, Cambridge BioMarketing, Biogen and Shire.

She was able to hit the ground running as she led the launch team for the first-ever commercial product for Apellis, Empaveli, a treatment for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. In partnership with her team and agencies, she launched an award-winning unbranded campaign with the goal of driving qualified survey completes within a hard-to-reach rare disease community. The campaign delivered a qualified survey completion rate three times higher than traditional social campaigns. Leber has led and supported a total of five U.S. product launches, two product line-extensions and one global launch.

When not launching new treatments, she values time with her wife and two children — a human daughter and a fur baby. A second human, a boy, is on the way.

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