When Genentech set out to achieve a position of leadership in digital marketing, it turned to Ozgun Demir. Since November 2022, he has been the company’s head of digital marketing. In that relatively short time, his unconventional approach and steadfast leadership are already helping Genentech to achieve its goals.

Central to Demir’s approach is data-driven personalization at scale, moving beyond traditional measurements to blaze a new path for marketers built around innovative partnerships, excellent content and digital acumen.

Demir came to Genentech after stints at Novartis Oncology, Bayer and Pfizer. A visionary and cheerleader for health tech, he has created many successful online marketing initiatives including ones focused on tough-to-break markets such as the Middle East and Africa. Demir’s remarkable ability with languages — in addition to English, he also speaks Italian, Spanish, Turkish and German — has been invaluable with his global efforts.

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