“Quentin is by far one of the most valued employees at HWP,” says Elizabeth Rappa, a senior VP at Health & Wellness Partners. “She combines deep scientific knowledge with strategic vision to advance client objectives, and clients consider her a valued partner.”

Rappa is talking about her colleague, Quentin O’Brien, who started her career at HWP in account services and is now senior scientific director. Among the accomplishments that O’Brien is most proud of is a dynamic multimedia, award-winning presentation for a large, long-standing biotech company that portrayed the journey of patients with Alzheimer’s disease dementia. It embodies her commitment to always putting patients first. In 2020, she even became a licensed EMT, which she says provided her with a new perspective on the healthcare system.

An avid softball player, in her spare time O’Brien coordinates volunteer events with the City of Brotherly Love Softball League.

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