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Payer Pressure: Value-Able?

Pharma companies have long struggled to pen compelling value stories for their products. Could they learn a thing or two from the case Keryx Pharmaceuticals built for its renal drug Auryxia? James Chase reports

Loyalty Programs: Beyond the Co-Pay Card

In the past, when pharma companies talked about patient-loyalty programs, what they were really talking about were the financial incentives underpinning them. But in the wake of Novo Nordisk’s successful support program for diabetics, Cornerstones4Care, such initiatives are finally set to evolve. James Chase reports on the shifting focus of patient support

Engaging HCPs: Rep and a Hard Place

Technology has, quite clearly, transformed the role of the sales rep. But at the same time, predictions that the rep would go the way of the dodo bird have themselves been proved false. James Chase surveys the rep’s role in a changing media and sales environment

Consumers: Patients and Virtues

Consumers: Patients and Virtues

Consumers come with the same basic set of instructions as HCPs—find out what they need, then offer meaningful solutions. But be warned: Shiny objects may cause a temporary loss of vision