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Non-Personal Promotion: Pitchers of Records

For all the talk about EHRs and their eventual point-of-care ubiquity, skeptics remain. Will EHR platforms ever become penetrable enough for pharma to consider them as an integral part of the non-personal promotion tool kit? James Chase reports

Social Engagement: Leveling the Field

Social media has the potential to elevate challenger brands to the highest step on the podium. But with many companies still languishing in the blocks, medal-worthy performances remain few and far between. It’s time for pharma to step up its social game, as James Chase reports

Mobile Marketing: Dial M for Launch

Mobile is the multilayered ecosystem into which all products are now launched, so doing it right is crucial to commercial and outcomes success. James Chase draws on the insights of mobile health experts to compile six key considerations

Cloud Marketing: Cloud Control

To unlock the vast business potential of the cloud, pharma must first overcome its inherent resistance to change and then commit to tearing down those silo walls. James Chase reports