BBDO clients address autism

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Ad Agency BBDO and three of its clients drew attention to the “Autism Speaks” awareness effort with a 60-second commercial that ran Monday during CNN's New Day. The commercial—a series of 15-second spots—features the same family through different life stages that follow an early diagnosis of autism. The lead spot shows adults and a baby in a doctor's office and flows into familiar scenes as the family ages, such as hanging out in a kitchen eating soup, and graduation.

The spot's early message is the one Autism Speaks urges, which is early diagnosis, and leads to the awareness campaign's website, where one can find the ads as well as resources and developmental signals that could indicate a child has autism.

The ad also includes an interview with the actor who plays the father in the final spot and is the teen's dad in real life. In it, he says he and his wife did not know if they were going to be able to have a conversation with their child, who can now build a computer from scratch.

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