When discussing Patrick Dempsey, it’s easy to lean on the old chestnut, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” After all, the actor portrayed Dr. Derek Shepherd — otherwise known as McDreamy — on Grey’s Anatomy for over a decade. However, there is nothing cute or common about his motivation for founding The Dempsey Center: It honored his mother Amanda’s long struggle with ovarian cancer and her commitment to philanthropy. The Dempsey Center offers comprehensive cancer care at no cost to those in need, including patients, survivors, carers, family and friends. There are three physical locations in Maine, Dempsey’s home state, as well as an online option. “We don’t treat the disease; we treat the person holistically. We just simply ask: How can we make your life better? We treat the whole family,” Dempsey said on the MM+M Podcast last year.

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