What was your biggest break? 

Coming to work at Intouch three and a half years ago. Working in the pharma space was something completely new to me and working at Intouch is the best career decision I have made.

What’s the best and/or worst part of your job? 

Being part of such a supportive, inspiring, passionate and innovative agency is by far the best. One thing you learn about pharma pretty quickly is that there are strict guidelines, so the worst thing is having to pull back on an idea. It hurts a little bit every time this happens, but we can usually find a way to make it so that the end user/customer still receives the experience intended from the original concept.

Who is the person you admire most in your area of work? 

Those who are able to handle stressful and tough scenarios like they are everyday easy ones. I admire those who can stay calm and collected under pressure.

What’s the view like from your office or work area? 

I’m lucky—being in Chicago, and right downtown, I get to see a slice of Lake Michigan and Millennium Park every day. It’s an amazing window into the change of seasons.

How long is a typical meeting with clients? 

It depends on the task at hand. It could be as brief as 20 minutes. However, we have had meetings scheduled for an hour that have turned into four hours.

Does your office have a favorite lunch and/or after-hours place? 

If there is food—it is our favorite place. Anywhere that has booze—we will be there. However, we have a rotating keg in our kitchen, which is usually the gathering spot on Thursdays and Fridays.

Where did you go to college? Did it help you prepare for your career? 

I graduated from the University of Kansas and was lucky enough to realize early on that I wanted a more focused major. At my mother’s suggestion I looked into the graphic design program and ended up applying to the fine arts school during my freshman year. I was so inspired walking into that building every day—the smell of charcoal and paint and really being able to connect with other students through our creative passions. KU’s design program was very focused on typography. I received a fabulous foundation.

What books are you reading? 

I am currently reading All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony DoerrI love reading fiction work because it transports me to another place. I can really see the novel come to life in my mind. I have always been drawn to stories based around WWII.

What was your greatest professional challenge? 

Taking on any new role will always be a challenge, and becoming an associate creative director has certainly been exciting and thoroughly challenging. Being surrounded by fabulous role models and utilizing stellar training initiatives have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

Where will you be in five years? 

A lot can happen in five years. I know I will be surrounded by passionate coworkers and challenging work and be part of something that affects the lives of others in a meaningful and impactful way.

What are your favorite industry-related websites? Non-industry? 

Being a designer, I frequently visit Behance to discover all types of inspiration, from medical to design. Pinterest is a fabulous tool for design inspiration as well. Awwwards is a must to keep up with web and digital trends. Amazon is like a drug for me. I also love Kauffmanmercantile because I am a sucker for stunning design. I have a habit of constantly looking at Kickstarter and backing many technology and product-focused projects because it is so exciting to be part of something that is just starting.

If you were to write a book, what would its title be?

The Worst They Can Say Is NO would be the title of my book. This is a motto I have lived by my entire life. I learned at a young age to speak up and always put myself out there. Moving from the East Coast to the heart of Texas when I was 11 really shaped my outlook and how I approach events in my life. No one can represent you better than yourself.