When you ask Ruby Gadelrab, the newly appointed VP of commercial marketing at 23andMe, what has propelled her through a career spanning multiple countries and continents, she responds, “The world is a fluid place, especially in this business and industry—and every change is an opportunity. Embrace it.”

That attitude led her to move to the US eight years ago and included a six-month stint running an office in China. Gadelrab has spent the last 10 years in roles centered around marketing, channel management and international business for various genomic companies. 

In her new role, she says she wants “to create partnerships between 23andMe and the research community There’s a huge opportunity to work with academic and industry researchers to increase our understanding of disease, find paths to prevention and accelerate the path to market for new treatments.”

Helping 23andMe “unlock the benefits of the human genome for everyone. is also on her to-do list. “Our goal is to become a global company and make 23andMe services widely available around the world,” she notes. 

Gadelrab first found the inspiration to forge a career in healthcare at home. “My parents and sisters are all doctors,” she says. “So healthcare was a natural fit. I also firmly believe genetics is the future of medicine.Tomorrow’s medicine will be about prevention and optimizing wellness.”

And she believes that passion for your career is critical for those starting out. “Find a job you love,” Gadelrab streses. “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, take it and figure out how to do it later. Learning on the job is your best teacher.”