December 01, 2014 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: December 01, 2014

Analyst: Street Science

Outlook 2015: Street Science

Buoyed by unprecedented success in hepatitis C, the biotech and pharma sectors had a strong 2014. And to hear ace Evercore ISI analyst Dr. Mark Schoenebaum tell it, everything’s in place for growth in 2015 and beyond. Here, he takes both a look back and a look forward

Outlook Policy: The Tax Man Cometh

Outlook 2015: The Tax Man Cometh

For years, Congress has batted around the possibility of tax reform—and with it, the reduction or elimination of the tax deduction for marketing expenses. Could 2015 be the year that reform comes to pass? Larry Dobrow attempts to answer this and other pressing policy questions

Private View: Visual Ads

Private View: Visual Ads

Private View Dec 2014 As a kid growing up, my bedroom walls were cluttered with visual ads and posters filled with slogans. My room literally looked like an ad threw up in my room. Sorry, mom. I love advertising. I love to see well-crafted ideas that make me think, ideas that inspire me.  Listen, we…

Partner Forum: Is data the key to trial recruitment?

LabCorp’s purchase of CRO Covance promises to open access to LabCorp’s patient database for trial recruiting. Can this help resolve problems like the disparity of female representation and scarcity of subjects for studies?