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In 1981 we started an agency because we wanted to chart our own course. We believed that to give our clients our best thinking, we needed to answer to them and not to someone else. Thirty-five years later we have become the largest independent healthcare agency of record in the world. We continue to give clients our best thinking, steering their brands across the omnichannel waters. And yes, we’re still charting our own course.

We also learned a long time ago that to be the best agency, you have to attract the best people. So we aspire to create an environment that encourages people to always feel proud of the work that they do, trust that they work with ethical people, and feel as though they’re working with friends.


Of course, a lot has changed since we opened our doors. We’re still full service and we excel in bringing brands to life from ideation to execution. But today we also build meaningful connections to client brands by using some of the latest technologies and analytics available. And we’re out of this world when it comes to developing and executing Direct-to-Physician, Direct-to-Patient, and Direct-to-Consumer programs.


Branding and Identity. Many of the most recognizable campaigns in health and wellness were conceived at AbelsonTaylor. We believe that successful branding is more than bold graphics and clever headlines. It takes a deep understanding of what motivates people to take action and form strong personal bonds with products.

Engagement Strategy. We think that engagement is a critical element that elevates great ad campaigns today. It moves the viewers to go beyond words and pictures and, regardless of the medium (print, digital, broadcast), gives them a reason to act and return, ultimately becoming loyalists.

Animation. We have a full-service art and animation business unit that excels in creating MOA videos and 3-D as well as in just retouching. We can do the simple art or the most complex animation.

CRM. Our Customer Relationship Management programs enhance our clients’ communication strategy by tracking, refining, and maximizing those relationships through traditional and digital media, and we help them prepare as media evolve in the future.

Experiential Marketing and Conventions. We drive traffic in and help clients educate and entertain them. From advertising and pre-show promotion to unique booth design and post-show fulfillment, we do convention work, not conventional work.


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Year Founded: 1981
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