Bausch + Lomb announced on Monday the debut of its Project Watson line of eye, ear and overall wellness products for dogs. The Project Watson product line is set to include eye and ear washes, eyelid and ear wipes, a supplement for tear stain support and a daily chewable for overall health.

“For nearly two centuries, Bausch + Lomb has been associated with many of the most significant advances in eye health. Building on our eye care expertise and history in surgical solutions for veterinarians, we created Project Watson to help address the unmet health care needs of dogs,” said Joe Gordon, president, global consumer, surgical and vision care, in a statement. “Developed in collaboration with veterinarians, Project Watson focuses on dogs’ eyes and ears — important areas that are often overlooked in the health of our beloved four-legged family members.”

Project Watson originated when a Bausch + Lomb exec was unable to find suitable products to protect the eyes and ears of his rescue dog, a terrier mix named Watson. The company itself has been all-in on pet care since the purchase in 2015 of Acrivet. Its veterinary solutions arm makes intraocular lenses, surgical instruments, bandages and more.