Our audiences have become much more sophisticated and discerning when it comes to receiving messages, and their expectations are at their highest. So, healthcare agencies must constantly try to find new ways to inspire and motivate patients, providers, and payers to learn and to take action. This is a different type of creative.

From product design to social experiment to entertainment that turns into a product itself, these big tactical ideas are breaking new ground and challenging us to expand our thinking.

Marinella Georgino is SVP, creative director, of Precisioneffect.

the hero gene, be the match, area 23

The Hero Gene
Be the Match, Area 23

Focused on a small, hyper-targeted population, this initiative saw results like no other. It tells us finding the right person in the right spot with the right mindset is way more impactful than a communication that goes out to the entire world.

the immunity charm, Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health, McCann Health

The Immunity Charm
Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health, McCann Health

Inspired by local tradition, a wearable bracelet helps reframe the issue to show both the value of vaccines and how immunization practice can be consistent with traditional values. It’s a small bracelet, yet a really big, tangible idea.

the migraine experience, Excedrin, DDB Remedy

Migraine Experience
Excedrin, DDB Remedy

A common misperception is that a migraine is just a headache — until you experience one for yourself. There is no clever headline or striking visual here. But the ultimate empathy test breaks through all of the other migraine communication, creating a connection that’s genuine and real.

a hearing test in disguise Cochlear, CHE Proximity

A Hearing Test in Disguise
Cochlear, CHE Proximity

This is what I call productive creative: Your hearing is being tested while you are watching this short movie. It’s awareness and conversion all in one.

meet graham, Transport Accident Commission Victoria, Clemenger BBDO

Meet Graham
Transport Accident Commission Victoria, Clemenger BBDO

A striking, thought-provoking, more-real-than-life realization of how unsafe the roads we ride every day can be. Graham’s piercing eyes are a painful reminder of how fragile our human body is.

The Speak People Experiment

The word experiment itself suggests a level of risk and uncertainty. When you experiment, you don’t ever know for sure what the final outcome might be. Which is counterintuitive to much of what we are taught about marketing. However, isn’t this what science does on a daily basis to help us advance as humankind?