When MiraLax, a laxative designed to relieve occasional constipation, invited Broad City co-creators and co-stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer to be its spokespeople, the comedy duo immediately cracked up in response.

Speaking to press and influencers for a MiraLax campaign launch event on Wednesday at Russ & Daughters Hudson Yards, the BFF comedy duo joked that, of course, they would be called for work with a laxative product instead of something glamorous like Paris Fashion Week.

But Glazer said they agreed to work with MiraLax because the concept seemed “authentically us.” Another draw for the comedians was that MiraLax allowed them the freedom to write the campaign spot.

“That was the thing for us: If we could write it, we would be comfortable with it,” said Glazer “It felt very much like a little slice of Broad City.” 

The two penned an ad that Glazer described as “something that was not first and foremost feminist but ended up being wildly feminist and just natural and funny.”

Jacobson and Glazer are helping MiraLax spread the word about the “gut gap,” or the fact that women are disproportionately stressed and, in turn, more constipated than men.

A brand-commissioned survey by MiraLax parent Bayer found that stressors ranging from major life events to everyday responsibilities disproportionately affect women, with nearly half (47%) experiencing stress daily and 84% feeling stressed at least once a week. While this can cause constipation in women, the inverse is also true: two in three women feel more stressed when they experience constipation.

In the pair’s humorous MiraLax spot, the two meet for lunch at Russ & Daughters where Jacobson confesses to Glazer that she is constipated. Glazer responds by taking MiraLax packets out of her bag and educating Jacobson about the gut gap.

“Even my gut is sexist?” replies a horrified Jacobson. “Women work so hard propping up the entire infrastructure of the world, but then we have to fight for equal pay and now we have to fight for poop equality?”

Jacobson said she was surprised the two never covered the topic of constipation on Broad City, adding that her character, Abbi, would have been “constipated and ashamed of it and insecure to talk about it and the character Ilana would not be at all. It felt hilarious that Ilana would carry MiraLax packets around.”

Broad City was a sitcom that aired between 2014 and 2019 on Comedy Central about Glazer and Jacobson’s real-life friendship and their attempt to “make it” in New York. 

The two also shared how they wanted to make sure to include all of the campaign’s important information in the spot, while also making it fun and organic — like something the two characters would discuss. 

Glazer added that the brand team’s sense of humor guided the script. 

Launching this week, The Gut Gap campaign includes touchpoints across digital, social and broadcast, with all content co-written and co-created by the duo. There is also a website, TheGutGap.com, with more information.

Coyne Public Relations is working on the campaign.

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.