The campaign features interviews with five notable Alzheimer’s activists.

Alzheimer’s is a difficult burden to bear for both patients and their families, which is why the Alzheimer’s Association and the Ad Council have teamed up with WNYC Studios’ Snap Judgement to launch the “Listenline.”

The campaign features interviews with five celebrities and Alzheimer’s activists, including Emmy-nominated television personality and journalist Liz Hernandez, actress Yvette Nicole Brown, chef Art Smith, best-selling author Mary Hogan and journalist and news anchor Richard Lui, about their experiences dealing with a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

The stories are those of pain and loss, but also hope and grace, with the ultimate takeaway being that the disease can be caught early, and while there is currently no cure, there are ways to make the process more comfortable. 

The campaign also includes conversation starters, and signs to look out for in order to catch the disease as soon as possible.

The episodes are accessible via an innovative use of an Instagram and Facebook ‘Call Now’ CTA Ads, which will bring listeners to the stories. Glynn Washington, host of NPR’s Snap Judgment who interviewed the five celebrities, will guide users through the stories. 

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