Stoners’ favorite holiday is coming up this weekend, and brands are lighting up with activations celebrating 4/20. 

From custom menu items made with munchie cravings in mind to curated 4/20 product drops, the diverse lineup of campaigns shows cannabis consumption is going mainstream — at least in certain regions. Now, if only there was federal legislation that made it legal nationwide…

Below, Campaign US went into the weeds to round up the best campaigns celebrating 4/20 this year.


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Whereas most cannabis paraphernalia is a bit corny, Zippo’s 4/20 launch is geared toward more sophisticated, high-class (pun intended) stoners. Its 20th of April Collection, available on Saturday, includes four high-polish (wink wink) brass lighters designed for cannabis lovers “who value form as much as function,” as noted in a press release. 

Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse — or the Alamo Dankhouse, as it will be known on 4/20 — has curated its April 20 showtimes to include stoner classics such as The Big Lebowski, Half Baked, Clerks and more. In addition, it partnered with Wana Brands to create a munchie menu full of food pairings a high person might think up: macaroni and cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork and Funyuns, for example. 


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In honor of 4/20, Miracle-Gro is positioning gardening as a fun activity to do after taking an edible, and it’s the plug for all things needed to grow an edible garden with a special edition gardening kit. No cannabis plant seeds are included, unfortunately, but will help you grow some very healthy munchies: swiss chard, carrots, beets and spinach. And its promotional video does make a compelling case for gardening while high…

BIC Lighters

BIC EZ Reach Lighters has partnered with stoner legends Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Martha Stewart for years, including last year’s 4/20 campaign. The trio is back this year to provide exactly four hours and twenty minutes of entertainment on BIC EZ Reach’s YouTube Channel. Each will host a “Slow Burn Session” made to mellow your 4/20 vibe, including footage of each celebrity showing their favorite ways to light up.

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Jimmy John’s

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Go-to munchie connoisseur Jimmy John’s curated a limited edition “dime bag” for those under the influence. For $10, customers can snag a full meal consisting of a sandwich, pickle, fudge brownie and a bag of chips. Select orders will also include 4/20-themed merch such as a branded rolling tray — or chip crumb catcher, if you don’t partake. 


Medical and recreational marijuana dispensary chain Curaleaf is hosting a contest for its rewards members in select markets. Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and Nevada customers can enter to win a grand prize of 3,000 rewards points — worth $3,000 — to spend on products. 

Pizza Pizza

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Canadian restaurant chain Pizza Pizza is releasing its own pre-rolls this 4/20. No, its stores do not sell cannabis (yet) — its pre-rolls are actually snack sized strombolis wrapped to look like joints. Pizza Pizza is also releasing a branded Hot Box, which can be used to store pre-rolls, napkins, sauces and more.

Royal Queen Seeds 

Cannabis seed bank Royal Queen Seeds is partnering with Mike Tyson to celebrate 4/20 in Times Square. On April 20, the pair will take over the One Times Square billboard for a countdown to 4:20 p.m.


Premium skate label Icecream, which sits under fashion brand Billionaire Boys Club, will launch a 4/20 collection at its flagship store in New York City’s Soho. In partnership with cannabis concept store Gotham, the brand will host a party for attendees age 21+, and the first 100 shoppers who purchase an item from the collection will receive a gift and discount card for Gotham.

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.