Although Ad Nut doesn’t identify by gender, this squirrel has learned enough from human colleagues to understand the importance of diverse perspectives. 

And according to Ad Nut’s research, there’s a business imperative to prioritizing diversity at the executive level: McKinsey data found that businesses with gender and/or ethnic diversity at the highest levels outperformed their peers with less inclusive leadership. (Yes, this squirrel reads McKinsey reports.)

However, according to a new campaign from E.l.f. Beauty, there are still way too many Dicks taking up space in boardrooms. Literally. 

According to the brand’s research, there are twice as many men named Dick serving on boards of directors at publicly traded companies than Hispanic women by any name.

E.l.f. Beauty and creative agency Oberland identified the more than 35,000 people sitting on the boards of directors at all U.S. companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. It then categorized them by race and gender using publicly available information from biographies, images, statements and filings.

According to its findings, there are 566 men named Dick serving on those boards. In contrast, there are only three Native Americans, 806 Black women and 774 Asian women of any name. And there are 19 times the number of Dicks on boards of directors than there are women of Middle Eastern descent.

Even a squirrel can understand the vast inequities shown here.

To make sure the message is heard by those who need it most, E.l.f. Beauty is bringing the So Many Dicks campaign to Wall Street with an out-of-home takeover of prominent areas in New York City’s financial district, including the Oculus and the Fulton Street subway station. Ad Nut will always be in full support of a brand plastering a subway station with “Dick pics” to prove a point.

The out-of-home imagery encourages viewers to visit the campaign’s website to peruse the database and report any errors. The site will be updated with performance data on each company whose board is listed. 

E.l.f. is also in the process of identifying university and media partners to further analyze its data in order to better identify the positive impact of DE&I on corporate boards.

The So Many Dicks campaign is E.l.f. Beauty’s latest effort to fight back against gender inequalities on boards. The Change the Board Game initiative calls out the lack of boardroom diversity within publicly traded companies. Another campaign from earlier this month, Serving Facts, starred tennis icon Billie Jean King serving tennis balls with facts about the lack of boardroom diversity printed on them.

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.