If you date Enovis’s origin back to Colfax’s acquisition of DJO Global in 1978, the company has now been around for more than 40 years. 

While the medtech leader has deep roots in the world of orthopedics, it recently decided it was time to assure that they are on the radar of patients and healthcare professionals (HCP). 

This was the genesis of a Enovis’ Better Is… corporate brand campaign, which launched at the annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in March. 

The campaign and its tagline, “Creating the Next Generation of Possible. Together,” embody the idea that sometimes simple and direct is the best approach. 

“We reached out to doctors—everyone from physical therapists to surgeons — anybody that might use the products,” Patty Lang, SVP at Enovis, says. “What they said is, ‘We just want to hear more about what’s better.’”

A minute-long sizzle reel stars as the heart of the campaign with a fast-paced tour of Enovis products, from cutting-edge products and surgical instruments to software platforms. The clip is all set to a score with Mission: Impossible energy. 

Lang explains that the company’s market research revealed that HCPs not only have one basic question — what is better? — they also want to be handed that answer quickly. 

“We found that they look more on Instagram as an example,” she shares. “They didn’t want to have things that were lengthy. They have got a lot of stuff going on.” 

In addition to showcasing its range of products, the campaign puts an emphasis on the collaborative nature of many of its advances. 

Lang points to the AltiVate Reverse Shoulder System as a product that was developed with the contributions of a number of partners — physicians, researchers, and patients as well. 

Enovis’ Better Is… corporate brand campaign

“With the reverse shoulder, everybody thought we were crazy,” Lang shares. “They said, ‘I can’t believe they put a reverse shoulder on somebody,’ but now they say, ‘Wow, that was incredible.’ That shoulder has done extraordinarily well. It works better than all the other shoulders. We did that because we were willing to elicit input; it was a partnership. We created something better together.”

The branding campaign launch is also a reaction to some shifts in consumer knowledge and expectations. 

If patients once accepted whatever replacement knee that their doctor suggested, Lang explains, they are increasingly conscious of the materials that are being put in their bodies and the variety of options on the market. They want to know that, for example, a replacement knee moves both medially and laterally (as is the case with the Empowr Revision Knee).

“Education is super important,” Lang says succinctly.

Given the many varied areas that Enovis operates in, Lang sees the flexibility of the campaign as one of its strengths. 

“[Better Is…] gives us a platform to be able to have multiple branches to the campaign,” she says. “Instead of just creating the next generation of possibilities together, we’re going to end up having a number of different things that come out under the Better Is… umbrella — different products and different initiatives globally.”