The “emotional support water bottle” is having a major moment right now (Stanley cups craze, anyone?). Heinz is jumping in on the trend by releasing its own version.

Available exclusively on Amazon for a limited-time, the Heinz Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle features the iconic glass Heinz bottle equipped with a perfectly sized bottle cap, Heinz stickers for personalization and a handy carrying strap.

“People nationwide, especially Gen Zers, have taken to social media detailing how they can’t go anywhere without their trusted bottles,” said Navjit Dhillon, associate brand manager for Heinz. “As this trend has grown, we recognized synergies between this behavior and Heinz fans’ habit of bringing their own ketchup bottles on the go, to ensure they are never without the sweet relief of Heinz Ketchup.” 

The campaign will be boosted with paid social on Instagram and TikTok, leveraging data-driven targeting to reach a younger demographic and increase awareness for the creative campaign. 

Heinz is also teaming up with a variety of food and lifestyle creators across Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Content will be posted to their Instagram and TikTok channels next week ahead of Valentine’s Day, “showcasing the many ways fans can tap the Heinz Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle for support this holiday — from situationships to a gift for their partner and more — and how followers can purchase,” said Dhillon.

Heinz fans frequently go to “irrational lengths” to ensure their favorite condiment is always accessible at mealtime, such as stashing packets in socks and bringing bottles on-the-go, Dhillon noted.

The Heinz Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle underscores the brand’s broader platform, It Has to be Heinz, which celebrates real fan habits and “provides them with a fun and easy solution so they never experience the disappointment of not having their favorite condiment on-hand,” according to a Heinz release.

Zeno Group is supporting earned media and creator tactics for this campaign. 

Budget information was not disclosed.

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.