Campaign: Invisalign Aligns Itself with the Metaverse
Company: Invisalign
Agency Partners: Publicis Groupe (agency of record); Starcom (media); and IF7
Duration: August 20 – ongoing
Budget: Less than “a few hundred thousand dollars”

Most people don’t look forward to visits to a dentist or orthodontist. But does the same reluctance exist in the metaverse? Invisalign, the maker of clear aligners for teeth straightening, decided to find out.


Invisalign wanted to develop a campaign in the metaverse because the brand saw it as a natural progression of its Invis is Drama Free campaign, said Raj Pudipeddi, Invisalign chief product and marketing officer and EVP and MD of the Asia-Pacific region. 

That campaign aims to show that there is less hassle with clear aligners than with braces.  

“We brought that to life on social media, with influencers and TV,” said Pudipeddi. “We have actually figured out a gaming execution with Twitch, and then we figured, we have got to try bringing an execution of this campaign to life in the metaverse.”


Once the brand decided to try the new medium, the creatives had to determine which incarnation of the metaverse it wanted to enter. They settled on gaming platform Roblox because “of its massive gamer database and massive number of active users,” Pudipeddi said.

The company has more than 40 million daily active users.

Within Roblox, the brand decided to create the campaign in Livetopia, which describes itself as an “immersive world where you can be who you want and do what you’d like.”

“The fundamental concept of Livetopia is a city-state that enables people to live a life of their choosing, bringing community-wide connectivity and creativity,” Pudipeddi said. “We thought that was a very good fit to bring Invisalign to life.”

The brand wanted to create an experience “which demystifies an orthodontist’s office or a dentist’s office and makes it fun for folks to engage with Invisalign,” Pudipeddi said.

Creatives at Livetopia produced an Invisalign Hub experience, which amounted to more than just a virtual visit to the dentist. When gamers visited the Invisalign experience, they received an exclusive locker and game uniforms and were able to compete in Invisalign-branded mini games. The aim was to highlight the advantages of Invisalign — and its clear aligners — over braces, Pudipeddi said.

In one of the brand’s games, a football game, if the participant chooses to wear braces, they can never score a touchdown, Pudipeddi said. If the user chooses Invisalign, they can score and then receive a branded uniform.

In a movie night game, if a gamer chooses Invisalign, they can get whatever food they would like. If they choose braces…you get the point.

Outside the metaverse, the brand promoted the experience on TikTok, with the help of Lana Rae, a Roblox user with more than 2 million followers on TikTok.

“She’s an Invisalign user, and one of the key principles we have set for ourselves with every one of our influencers is: whatever they post has to be an authentic experience,” Pudipeddi said.

The campaign cost less than “a few hundred thousand dollars,” Pudipeddi said.


– The Invisalign Hub received more than 2.6 million unique visitors, according to the campaign.

– The campaign’s content on TikTok received more than 230,000 views.

– Additionally, the campaign led to a 13% increase in purchase intent.

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.