Bristol Myers Squibb is bringing in yet another A-lister to support its ongoing plaque psoriasis campaign.

The pharma giant recently added actress, writer and producer Mindy Kaling to the SO, Have You Found It? campaign promoting its plaque psoriasis treatment Sotyktu (deucravacitinib). 

The once-daily drug was approved in September 2022 by the Food and Drug Administration and boosted by a direct-to-consumer advertising launch at the Grammy Awards in February 2023.

This latest marketing push was unveiled in mid-March when Bristol Myers Squibb announced that actor Ted Danson would be helming the effort. SO, Have You Found It? represents an extension of the company’s Found It consumer campaign, which launched last year. 

Unlike Danson — who has lived with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis for more than 50 years — Kaling isn’t a plaque psoriasis patient but will be lending her starpower to serve as an advocate for patient self-empowerment.

To promote the latest phase of the campaign, the pair appeared on The Today Show Tuesday morning to raise awareness of the skin condition that impacts 2 million Americans.

Danson said the symptoms of itchy skin and rashes frustrated him at a young age, lowered his self-confidence and contributed to his well-known self-deprecating sense of humor.

“The whole point [of SO, Have You Found It?] is to get people to talk about something that they feel they need to keep a secret or they’re embarrassed or their sense of wellbeing has been knocked down,” he said. “There’s something you can do. The good news is that science and medicine has gotten to the point where there are treatments that will be right for you.”

The primary purpose of the campaign has been self-empowerment and reminding patients of the availability of Sotyktu to address their symptoms.

When the campaign launched, Danson led an 11-minute long interview with a plaque psoriasis patient advocate named Emily. The drugmaker also teased that a new video featuring Kaling and Danson would be released soon on the campaign’s website.

In an interview ahead of the campaign launch, Carlos Dortrait, SVP and GM of U.S. immunology and neuroscience at BMS, told MM+M that the drugmaker is looking to lift the voices of those living with plaque psoriasis and empower them to take control of their care journey with the assistance of their physician.

The addition of Kaling also fulfilled his expectation that Bristol Myers Squibb would bring in other spokespeople for the “highly campaignable” effort.