New Year’s Day is right around the corner and for some people, the changing of the calendar is more than old hat at this point.

To that end, New York health system Northwell Health has joined forces with marketing agency StrawberryFrog to launch a new New Year’s ad campaign that entirely features centenarians — or people who have lived to 100 years or older.

The 30-second video ad — dubbed “Resolutions” — shows several centenarians discussing their New Year’s resolutions, aiming to give a glimpse into what it means to be healthy even at an advanced age.

“Now that I think about it, it’s that I should smile more,” says 103-year-old Angie in the commercial. 

“I want to see more of the world,” adds Diane, who is 101. 

Margaret, also 101, says she wants to “make a difference.”

“I want to get a new bachelor pad,” adds 101-year-old Benny.

Finally, “I want to keep winning at poker,” quips 102-year-old Leonore.

The campaign aims to hit on a positive note, Northwell said, by showcasing people who are thriving and living life to its fullest in their later years.

“The centenarians in this campaign inspire us with their wisdom and their wit and show us the importance of following your passions for a healthy and fulfilling life,” said Joe Leston, deputy chief marketing officer at Northwell, in a statement. “We wanted to spread a message of goodwill this holiday season and an emotional reminder of our successful Raise Health movement.”

Northwell’s aforementioned Raise Health campaign launched in August as part of its efforts to brand the health system as “raising communities, standing up to societal ills and raising expectations of what health can be.” 

That campaign also involved a 30-second video highlighting how healthcare providers at Northwell solve complex medical issues.

Scott Goodson, founder of StrawberryFrog, added that the Resolutions commercial stands out from regular holiday ads that push products – and instead offers “new champions for a healthier lifestyle.”

“This commercial shares a poignant message, with a great twist: the centenarians don’t just celebrate their wonderful age, they’re planning on living for many years to come, despite age,” Goodson said in a statement.

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