Most everyone can point to commonly identified culprits of hair loss: aging, stress and certain underlying medical conditions. But supplement maker Nutrafol wants people to know that a variety of other health habits, from eating sushi to staying up too late, may play a role in hair-thinning.

Nutrafol’s “More to Hair” campaign, created in partnership with creative agency Mischief, aims to grow awareness of the daily habits that may contribute to hair loss. The campaign consists of four videos depicting people doing mundane tasks: putting on deodorant, eating sushi, binge-watching Netflix and taking care of a baby.

While these situations seem harmless, “Behind each scenario lies an unexpected reason for hair loss,” according to a company statement.

“Nutrafol is a brand that’s got a huge depth of clinical research and science behind everything it does,” said Tanner Thompson, associate creative director of Mischief, in a statement. “And with all that knowledge, we saw that there are a lot of external factors that at first glance you’d have absolutely no idea they have anything to do with your hair.”

Some of Nutrafol’s own research has linked hair health to hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism and nutrition. The company points out that eating sushi, which contains more mercury than other foods, may disrupt hair growth. It also notes that many deodorants contain aluminum compounds that can impact hair.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, hair loss can have multiple causes. They include hereditary factors, fungal infections, damaging hair-care routines, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies and stress.

“Creatively, we wanted to tap into that eyebrow-raising moment,” Thompson said in the statement. “The goal was creating something that really draws you in, sparks your curiosity and leaves you asking the question: ‘Hold on, what does this have to do with my hair?’”

The campaign points users toward a dedicated “More to Hair” page on the Nutrafol website, which presents a hair-wellness quiz to shine a light on the root causes of their thinning hair. The website also provides resources on other factors — sleepless nights, menopause, nutrition, postpartum life and the use of certain personal care products — and how they may contribute to hair loss.

The “More to Hair” videos will run on YouTube, TV, Instagram and TikTok. Other components of the campaign include ads in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. across radio, podcasts, display ads and social media.