After six years without a brand signature, Sanofi debuted its latest global brand campaign, Empowering Life.

The campaign is entirely digital, with a video and dedicated website for the campaign which the pharma company rolled out on its social media channels. Sanofi worked with Paris communications agency ASAP Communications on the video.

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Alexandra Rocca, head of corporate communications at Sanofi, said the team was going for simplicity with the video and campaign, focusing on the phrase, “How are you?” in the video and the two word signature, Empowering Life, for the campaign.

“‘How are you?’ is very simple and that’s why it is effective,” Rocca said. “The more global you are, the more simple you have to be in your communications. Perspectives are very different from one country to another. It has to be simple so everyone on Earth can understand what you say.”

In the video, the phrase is said in various health-related situations: at a pharmacy, when getting a vaccine, and from a doctor, along with being spoken in six languages to drive home the message that Sanofi is a global health company, Rocca said.

The campaign is rolling out across all of Sanofi’s operations around the world. Along with telling its story to consumers, the campaign is meant to reach its employees around the world and unify them under one mission.

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“The idea of a signature is it unifies people and clarifies what the mission is,” Rocca said. “[Empowering Life] encapsulates what the mission is in two words to make the whole thing more memorable. We have more than 100,000 people at Sanofi all over the world. It’s a way to unify internally and make yourself more understandable externally.”

For consumers, the campaign positions Sanofi as a partner on an individual’s “health journey.” The campaign website highlights several of Sanofi’s areas of focus, including malaria, diabetes, and flu vaccines.

Sanofi is not alone among pharma companies in creating a new brand identity – several other companies are working to change the perception of their brand and tell their company’s story better. Pfizer launched its ongoing Before It Became a Medicine campaign last year, Astellas also began a corporate branding push last year, and trade organization PhRMA’s Go Boldly campaign aims to up the industry’s reputation as whole.

This story first appeared in PRWeek.