Healthcare advisory firm Chartis has rolled out a brand refresh to elevate its profile as a leader in healthcare transformation.

Chartis, which provides management consulting to healthcare players (hospitals, payers, providers, tech and retail, among others) believes the rebranding exercise will cement  its expertise in guiding clients through their “transformation journeys,” according to CMO Colleen Kuesel.

The brand refresh includes a new website and visual identity. The core creative idea underlying it is the mantra “Believe in Better,” which is complemented by a visual element depicting a portal. The idea, Kuesel explained, is that “belief opens the door to a better tomorrow.”

The Chartis rebranding comes at a time when the world is post-COVID and seeing plenty of innovation in the healthcare sector, including advances in vaccine science and cancer survival rates. But in other areas — access, affordability and disparities, to name a way — the system is under considerable strain.

“We’re in a moment where tremendous transformation is needed in healthcare,” Kuesel said. “We’ve long been focused on tackling the insurmountable challenges in healthcare and helping clients overcome them. It felt like the right time to uniquely position ourselves as a firm that can help clients through their transformation journey.”

Chartis, which works with around 900 healthcare organizations and serves 40% of all U.S. hospitals, focuses on strategic, digital, clinical and financial transformation in the realms of access, affordability, patient experience, caregiver experience, equity and quality. Kuesel pointed to Chartis’ work in helping health systems create hospital-at-home settings as an example of embracing the need for transformation.

“It not only gives patients a better, more comfortable experience, but it’s also lower-cost and improves patient outcomes — because they’re having a better experience at home and returning to health more quickly,” she explained. “We may see sites of care shifting in the future. We’re looking to create solutions that are at the intersection of all six areas so we can affect them in a multi-dimensional way.”

Among the core messages of the brand refresh is “powered by purpose.” To that point, Chartis plans to roll out a campaign featuring employees and clients sharing their stories of transformation done well.

“You’ll see those come to life through our clients telling transformation stories, and how they were able to translate belief into something actionable,” Kuesel noted.

As Chartis seeks to grow, the company believes the brand refresh will help industry players better understand the consultancy. It currently works across 1,700 communities in the U.S.

“Our hope is that we can be better understood by the industry, so that we get opportunities to affect the gnarly issues that are facing healthcare today,” Kuesel said. “We want to be a part of affecting positive change.”