Centr, a digital fitness and wellness platform founded by Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Lifespan.io, a nonprofit foundation using media and advocacy initiatives to accelerate progress towards extending the healthy human lifespan. 

The partnership brings together a sizable amount of digital wellness and science-backed content on topics ranging across fitness, medicine and longevity. 

A selection of Lifespan.io’s longevity biotech news and educational content will be hosted on Centr’s website and app. Such offerings include tips on healthy habits for eating and exercising as well as breakthroughs in aging research.

The two organizations said in a press release that this collaboration stresses the importance of preventive care as well as exploring the possibility of a future “where aging is an understood and more controlled process.”

Additionally, Centr will serve as an official media partner at the sixth annual Longevity+DeSci Summit hosted by Lifespan.io this August in New York City.

“At Centr, we believe that health and wellness is all-encompassing and adopting healthier habits early on sets us up for improved wellbeing later in life,” Centr CEO Andrew Sugerman said in a statement. “Centr allows its customers to achieve limitless potential with the tools, inspiration and motivation they need to fuel their routines and lead more fulfilling lives. Through this partnership, Centr will seamlessly offer members expert content focused on healthy aging to help them make more informed lifestyle choices.”

Centr, which was founded in 2018 by the Thor actor, has grown steadily in recent years thanks in large part to HighPost Capital. In March 2022, the New York-based private investment firm acquired Centr as well as fitness equipment company Inspire Fitness.

A few months prior to the HighPost news, Centr launched its first fitness equipment partnership with Walmart.

At the start of this year, Centr debuted its Moves That Matter campaign in partnership with Good Sports, a sports and physical activity nonprofit, to promote healthier habits for 2023. The effort encouraged participants to pursue exercise and health goals while also making charitable donations to Good Sports.

Hemsworth’s company pledged to donate up to $300,000 to Good Sports as part of the year-long collaboration, with the actor making a personal donation as well.