Takeda Pharma­ceuticals North America partnered with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists to launch the Diabetes Navigator (DiabetesNavigator.AACE.com), a compendium of type 2 diabetes information for patients and caregivers. The site—divided into disease management, lifestyle and tools sections—offers links to reputable sites on the disease, information on working with a health team and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as facts, figures, tips and trackers on managing the disease.

Elsevier added 950 e-books to Research4Life, a public-private partnership aimed at achieving the UN’s Millennium Development Goals by providing the developing world access to critical scientific research. The e-books build on 800 existing Elsevier science and technology books.

Mayo Clinic launched an app aimed at helping patients with contact dermatitis select safe skin care products that won’t cause a flare-up. Sufferers often find that even those moisturizers, sunscreens or shampoos labeled “hypoallergenic” will trigger redness, skin lesions or swelling. The Contact Allergen Replacement Database gives them a shopping list of allergen free products.