Medical marketers continue to wait for the green light for ads on both Netflix and Disney+, with some seeing extensive opportunities awaiting on those platforms.

According to Doceree CEO Dr. Harshit Jain, digital marketing is expected to be the newest channel for medical marketers to tap into, though he doesn’t see it replacing other areas for developing ad campaigns.

Jain said he has noticed some brands supplementing their sales representatives with the insights they have gathered from data derived through digital marketing. This process has allowed those companies to better home their messaging and target consumers accordingly. 

This is a trend that Jain foresees continuing in the future as companies continue to move into the digital realm. 

“It’s already happening in different parts of the industry, but over a period of time, I see this ecosystem getting connected,” he said. “This includes the online world working seamlessly with the offline world. That’s the future of medical marketing that I see.”

Jain, a 2021 MM+M 40 Under 40 honoree, also highlighted the importance of data capabilities in medical marketing.

Advocating for transparency is a key consideration for the business, Jain said. By providing pharma and life sciences marketers with data capabilities that challenge preconceived notions about advertising, he said marketers can reexamine their brand strategies and recalibrate their campaigns going forward.

Jain pressed medical marketers to stay open to the possibilities that data can offer in terms of informing and influencing their work. 

“Data is the new creative. A piece of data can give so many insights and tell so much which can help marketers make their jobs easier,” he said. “Always ask for the data in whatever you are doing and how it can help you plan for the future.”

Internally, the company has experienced continued growth since its founding just prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jain said, which it has capitalized on in recent months. 

The company added several leaders in 2022, including Anil Dobhal, who will serve as global chief technology officer. With the new members joining the team, Jain said that his company is still operating as a startup that is seeking to grow while retaining its agile mindset. 

Despite the looming threat of a recession, Jain said that his conversations with healthcare clients have indicated that there won’t be significant budget constraints on HCP marketing spending compared to on patient advertising. 

“In the near future, I don’t see any cuts happening on the HCP expenses, so I feel protected, but we will continue to innovate for our customers to help solve their problems,” he said.