The Blood Center
Kohnke Hanneken and The Blood Center of Southern Wisconsin

Ah, simplicity. All kinds of thoughts are activated when a symbol such as the American flag looks wrong. This ad suggests that low blood supply is a national issue, one that each of us should take personally. And don’t forget: If the last red stripe is gone, we’re left with a white flag, which is the international symbol of surrender. 

MacLaren McCann Canada/Calgary and Dietitians of Canada

Smoking kills — this is not news. But what about the things we eat? This ad shows us that unhealthy food can be deadly. Are doughnuts the next cigarette? Check the “nutrition facts” for the warning: “Obesity will soon replace smoking as Canada’s No. 1 health problem.”

Missing Limbs
VMLY&R and Gatda Clinic

Eat, drink and be wary. In one unforgettable image, this ad makes the connection between food, weight gain and the devastating impact of diabetes. Laugh or cringe, we may see ourselves in this guy — and that’s exactly the point.

Reroute migraine relief
Juice Pharma Worldwide and Impel NeuroPharma

In a crowded category with plenty of clunky ads, this prelaunch campaign stands out. The intricate map and striking portrait remind us that there may be a better direction than oral migraine treatments for pain that is complex, wide-ranging and personal.