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MDLinx’s US physician membership increased 22% over the last year. Despite never having been promoted outside the US, global physician subscribers top 898,000. More than 13 million monthly e-newsletters are sent to all US HCP subscribers.

Members of MDLinx and its sibling SmartestDoc include more than 80% of oncologists, endocrinologists and rheumatologists, and about one in three AMA physicians.

Per comScore, it is the number-one specialty site, the fastest growing site, and number-two primary care site.

One judge praised its “compelling use of technology and human touch to present relevant information” Another called it “comprehensive, well-built and informed by its users.”

Speed and breadth of coverage impressed judges. MDLinx’s physician editors sort, rank and summarize each article published in more than 2,000 medical journals and the popular press within 24 hours.

Articles are sorted into 35 specialties and 800 subspecialties. Top-ranked articles are listed in e-newsletters that can be tailored to specialties and subspecialties.

Ads and sponsored content are highly targeted. Users on an ad client’s target list can engage with that client’s content, see their sales rep’s photo and request further engagement.

“A well executed product that successfully meets the needs of doctors and sponsors,” said a third judge.

MedPage Today
Everyday Health

MedPage Today has 750,000 registered users (250,000 validated HCPs) and 2.7 million monthly unique visitors.

Articles are co-developed with The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Office of Continuing Medical Education. Other partners include the ACC and the AHA.

Judges liked the site’s customization and nimbleness.  

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