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• CDM Princeton and Novo Nordisk for “HemaGo”

• Digitas Health and Shire for “Own It”

• Intouch Solutions and Sanofi US Diabetes for “Beyond ­Counting Calories: The Trans­formation of GoMeals”

• Nucleus Medical Media for “iHeart Touch iPad App: Point of Care—Everywhere”

• Vogel Farina and Novartis Oncology for “My NET Manager patient app”

Digitas Health and Shire
Own It

Many ADHD patients stop managing their condition because they believe, or have been told, that they will eventually outgrow it. However, statistics indicate that ADHD will persist thought adulthood among nearly half of patients.

The “Own It” campaign aims to educate young adults 18 to 24 years old who were diagnosed as children about the prevalence of adult ADHD and encourage them to take an online assessment and talk to their doctor.

At launch, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine shared with audiences that he realized he had not outgrown ADHD when symptoms interfered with his work on the band’s first album. In 2012, baseball player Shane Victorino shared his story, along with non-celebrity patients Nicole Funicelli and Megan Moretti, who won a contest called the Own It Project that encouraged young adults to share their personal ADHD stories.

“The celebrity use worked well here and maintained credibility of the program,” noted one judge noted.

In addition to beautiful documentary style videos and national broadcast PSAs, the campaign also features partnerships with Pandora, Xbox and Everyday Health. All touch points drive audiences to take an ADHD quiz on to reassess symptoms.

The campaign exceeded all 2012 goals. Results include more than 122 million video views and 1.26 million visits to

“Excellent results,” a second judge said. “Great use of celebrities, and good tie-in to the brand.”

Nucleus Medical Media
iHeart Touch iPad App: Point of Care­­—Everywhere

This outstanding app provides animated content that takes viewers inside the heart and coronary arteries.

In less than a year downloads hit 13,741, and average session time was 1.4 minutes.

“An exceptional app,” one judge said. “Ability to interact with and customize animations is sure to lead to greater message impact and utility.”

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