Category 11

Recognizes excellence in smartphone healthcare apps targeting healthcare professionals. These include: medical reference libraries for HCPs, tools for aiding diagnosis and prescription, promotional apps, patient record resources, med-ed apps and programs that turn smartphones into diagnostic tools or devices.

Infuse Media Group and Boston Scientific

Charger App

Charger is a 0.035” percutaneous transluminal angioplasty balloon catheter designed for a wide range of peripheral angioplasty procedures. It was the third new peripheral balloon catheter introduced by Boston Scientific in 2011.

“There are numerous competitors with multiple products each,” the agency said, “and no impactful way to summarize all of this information. The challenge was to take a huge amount of information and make it simple to access and present quickly, but without ‘dumbing down’ the content.”

The resulting app lets sales reps quickly access a vast amount of information. Organization is intuitive and mimics sales-call discussion. Reps can easily navigate between less detailed and more detailed views of information depending upon customer questions.

“Creative and effective,” said one judge. “A very innovative way of presenting the information,” a second noted.

According to the agency, sales reps cite this app as the most impactful collateral they had for the launch and note its basic design is now the gold standard for their iPad apps.

“The iPad app has been a critical part of educating customers and generating the enthusiasm needed to get hospital approval quickly to bring in the product for evaluation,” said a Boston Scientific representative. “As a result, our market share in the 0.035” category has increased from 16% to >30% in only nine months since launch. BSC hasn’t had category share this high since about 2005.”

Infuse Media Group and C.R. Bard

Sapiens TCS App

The marketing challenge was to rapidly teach HCPs about Bard Access Systems’ peripherally inserted central catheter system, Sapiens TCS, which consisted of a new technology, new capital equipment, and new procedure. This iPad app is an outstanding clinical training tool that enables users to conduct a virtual procedure.

“Very innovative and useful,” one judge said.

The training received through the app contributed to a very high conversion rate to the new system.

The Finalists

• AbelsonTaylor and Abbott—Similac Cognition iPad App

• AlphaMed Press—The -Oncologist HD App

• Chandler Chicco Agency and Sanofi US—AFib Educator App Increases Awareness of Atrial Fibrillation

• Infuse Media Group and -Boston Scientific—Charger App

• Infuse Media Group and C.R. Bard—Sapiens TCS App