Healthcare communi­ca­tions network KnowledgePoint360 has expanded its roster of health strategy tools with “My Virtual How” (MyVHow), a tool designed to benchmark best practices for developing medical publications.

Launched in early October, MyVHow adds the medical communications experience of KnowledgePoint360 to the advisory resources of the overarching network’s TGaS Advisors division. The tool aims to help health publication professionals troubleshoot problems that arise from content and topic sensitivity by getting information from a community of their peers.

Subscribers can submit inquiries on details of such topics as compliance procedures, the role of open-access journals, and dissemination of clinical research in emerging markets through a password protected community website, Other subscribers may then respond; results are analyzed, aggregated and reported back to participants within 10 business days.

“MyVHow answers the common question, ‘How do other pharmaceutical companies do it?’ by asking members of a growing community,” explains KnowledgePoint360 Group CEO, Jon Bigelow. “With today’s emphasis on transparency of clinical trial data and rapid technological change in how data can be delivered, it is more important than ever for publication professionals to maximize their effectiveness in communicating critical data to the healthcare community in accordance with the highest ethical practices.”

A pilot study for MyVHow, in which the product was debuted to 20 medical publications companies, was conducted in April. Within six months of the official release, the firm anticipates having an active community of 100 individuals, with content being added as the need for it grows.

“We are currently preparing to launch a Medical Affairs MyVHow community,” Bigelow adds, “and we expect to introduce the concept into other disciplines.”