Chandler Chicco Companies

Companies throughout the world of pharma marketing agencies talk big about social media—but the Chandler Chicco Companies walk the walk. Several of the group’s big wins in 2013 included significant social components, not surprising given that one of its major offerings is called “Social @dvocacy.” While CCC’s overall financial performance for the year was as solid as ever—exceeding revenue targets by double digits, 30% global growth from the Biosector 2 division, more than 40 new account wins and 150 new projects—it was in socially focused activities that the group really spread its wings.

“Social @dvocacy is a tailored approach to help health-driven and health-challenged companies build meaningful relationships with powerful brand advocates,” says Chandler Chicco Companies President Lisa Stockman. Chandler Chicco started “@dvocating” for several big-name clients in 2013. For Novo Nordisk and the International Diabetes Federation, the company’s Biosector 2 agency created the #LaceUp4Diabetes campaign, a social media movement encouraging consumers to take literal steps to help change diabetes.

“For the campaign symbol, we designed shoelaces branded with the World Diabetes Day logo and issued a clear call-to-action: start with a single step and celebrate World Diabetes Day by posting pictures of themselves ‘lacing up’ on their social media properties using the hashtag #LaceUp4Diabetes, and encouraging friends and family to do the same,” Stockman says.

Not wanting to be left out, the company’s flagship division, the Chandler Chicco Agency, had its own socially focused launch in 2013—the “Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis” campaign for Mylan Specialty. The agency developed, an educational website that invites users to take a guided tour to learn about life-threatening allergic reactions. The campaign focuses on reaching the school community, providing students, teachers, nurses, parents and caregivers with a myriad of resources and ways to continue their education. CCA worked with Emmy-winning actress Julie Bowen, who has a son with life-threatening allergies, to put a familiar face on what can be a scary topic.

Social media, though, isn’t all Chandler Chicco can do; several of the group’s key newer offerings address the more old-fashioned blocking and tackling of the pharmaceutical business. In late 2013 CCC and its parent company inVentiv Health partnered with Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, a bipartisan lobbying firm, to form a joint venture called Breakaway Policy Strategies. The new venture provides strategic analysis and policy guidance to help healthcare stakeholders navigate transformative changes arising from decisions made daily by federal and state policymakers.

Issues 2.0, a crisis management protocol, is another new offering. “Companies must embrace a culture of corporate readiness to identify and pre-empt crises; and be prepared to not only respond effectively, but in real-time across multiple channels,” Stockman says. “Our Issues Management 2.0 protocol has helped Fortune 500 companies proactively protect, plan, and prepare against issues and blunt their impact.”

But social media, as we all keep hearing, is the future. So what is the top priority for CCC in the year ahead? You guessed it. “Putting our stake in the ground of social health,” Stockman says. “With recent FDA guidance supporting social media use, we see massive growth here. We will continue to help companies own the conversation and drive engagement in social.”