Amy Foley
VP, product innovation and delivery at Johnson & Johnson

Most top-25 pharma companies are quick to tout their health tech and innovation bona fides. Johnson & Johnson, both via its JLabs offshoot and in and around the corporate mothership, is one of the few that backs up the talk with insight and action.

Internal and external constituencies alike assign much of the credit for that to Foley. She has been instrumental in the rollout of J&J’s ambitious Health Partner digital platform, designed to steer patients through surgery – starting with the decision to undergo surgery and continuing through post-surgical rehab. The effort includes a website (that offers a wealth of information for would-be knee, hip, and weight-loss surgery candidates), a mobile app (that helps steer patients through pre-surgery prep work and post-surgery recovery), and a care portal (which facilitates real-time HCP and patient communication).
“All three digital tools put the patient at the center. Our behavior scientists and digital product experts put together what we think and know, based on research, will work with a particular population,” Foley told Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry Online last year. “We might assume a certain set of behavior change techniques works well for a population based on experience and literature. But as users work with our tools, we might see a subset of those tools that are most effective.”
Prior to her J&J tenure, Foley served in a range of roles at Express Scripts (formerly Medco), including VP, digital strategy. Before that, she headed PSE&G’s creative services and interactive media unit.