Bruno Villetelle

chief digital officer

Takeda Pharmaceutical

In the past 18 months alone, Takeda’s Digital Accelerator, led by Bruno Villetelle, has exploded, crafting a well-regarded portfolio of new business from disruptive digital healthcare ideas. Funded projects include the use of artificial intelligence to recommend actions to sales reps in the field, a range of connected health initiatives for the home, and possibly even offer a new way to conduct clinical trials. 

Overall, Villetelle has overseen the funding of more than 50 so-called exper­iments, some of which could change the way medicine will one day be practiced and how people experience healthcare.

Villetelle has also created models for working with startups as well as business models designed to fuel revenue growth. He works with a number of non-traditional partners in the telecom and cybersecurity spaces, constantly seeking ways to apply agile principles from other verticals to Takeda’s increasingly important digital strategy. 

It doesn’t hurt that Villetelle — currently he is Takeda’s chief digital officer — has a knack for blending a variety of partners into an eco­system that allows progress in ways that extend beyond just creating medicines — all to the end of helping patients, of course.

He likewise emphasizes the vital role of data science in achieving such goals. “We will continue to face challenges on how we look at and use data,” Villetelle admits, “from simple data collection to data aggregation and prediction.

“Understanding digital collection and evaluation techniques is an important driver of innovation in every part of the healthcare ecosystem. At Takeda, we’re committed to using it to empower the patient, enable the doctor, enhance wellness, and begin to cure the well before they get sick — striving toward better health for people worldwide.”

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