Dr. John Brownstein


chief innovation officer, Boston Children’s Hospital

Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Brownstein is the visionary behind and cofounder of Circulation, a game changer in non-emergency medical transportation. By seamlessly integrating Uber’s API with healthcare systems, Circulation became the first customizable HIPAA-compliant digital transportation platform. 

Dr. Brownstein and his team shrewdly recognized that the traditional transportation model was outdated and that an opportunity existed to transform the experience for both the patient and the HCP. Circulation’s solution? Customized rides designed to accommodate patients’ specific needs for a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings. (Medicaid alone spends as much as $3 billion a year on non-emergency transportation, and yet 3.6M patients miss appointments due to unreliability.) 

Circulation launched in September 2016 as the preferred healthcare platform partner of the Uber Developer Platform. Having commenced pilots with three hospitals, Circulation is already talking to hundreds of other providers. Dr. Brownstein is also said to be deep in discussion with several pharma companies about using the service to help transport patients to clinical trials.

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