Joe Meadows
president of Think Patients

Of the thousands of organizations and individuals who purport to help healthcare companies improve business processes, better engage key audiences, or make similar work-smarter promises, Think Patients has earned a reputation for the breadth of its offerings – for instance, its early and continued embrace of all things EHR-related. Much of that is attributable to the indefatigable Meadows, a rare pragmatist in a sector filled with dreamers.

Think Patients focuses its attention on three different sets of activities: discovery, definition, and alignment; designing, partnering, and piloting; and refining, scaling, and optimizing. One can think of Meadows as both an architect and a conductor: He’s the guy who keeps the various movements synchronized. In recent years, Think Patients has grown to include more in-depth services for life sciences organizations (through its Corvos Solutions subsidiary) and more traditional marketing activities (via Health Accelerators, a marketing agency for suppliers).
Meadows founded Think Patients in 2010. Prior to that, he served as VP, marketing and creative services at Catalina Marketing and Catalina Health and VP of marketing for Auxilium Pharmaceuticals.