Omri Shor
CEO of Medisafe

Many of the best health tech origin stories have a personal component. To that end, when Shor’s father accidentally overdosed on insulin in 2012, he found himself amazed by the lack of safeguards to prevent such occurrences. In particular, he was stunned by the small number of medication management tools designed to help patients accurately keep track of dosages and administration-related concerns.  

In the wake of that near-tragedy, Omri and his brother Rotem founded Medisafe, a medication management platform. A few years later, Medisafe can boast more than 4 million patient and caregiver users across a range of therapeutic categories and disorders.
Medisafe offers the expected information about dosage management – it tracks the times of day and week where patients struggle with drug administration – and provides reminders on an as-desired basis. At the same time, it has grown its mission to allow pharma to access data that illuminates not only how patients interact with their medications but also with their brand content. Current clients include Pfizer and Takeda.
“Medisafe was purpose-built for chronic patients taking multiple meds a day, ranging from diabetes and hypertension to clinical depression to COPD and asthma,” Shor recently told The Longevity Network. The Medisafe app has also proven useful to people taking everything from vitamins and supplements to daily birth control.

Meanwhile, Shor’s professional experience extends far beyond health tech. Prior to arriving at Medisafe, he served as VP of marketing and product for Masadit Software. Before that, he founded, a company offering online rentals of luxury yachts.