Sue Siegel
chief innovation officer, GE and CEO of GE Ventures

As chief innovation officer of General Electric, Siegel has the unique, if not always easy, task of infusing new ideas into a 125-year old giant. Fortunately for her and her equally well-regarded team members, she has the resources and smarts to oversee development of a stream of new products, services, and talent coming down the pike. Before being appointed chief innovation officer, Siegel launched and spent four years running the company’s venture capital arm, GE Ventures, which has invested in more than 100 companies across industries. 

As a woman of Asian and Hispanic descent, she stands out in venture capital and tech, rarified worlds still dominated by white men. As such, she’s been outspoken about bringing more gender diversity into all areas and levels of business. Thanks to the courage of women such as Susan Fowler, whose public account of her experience working at Uber eventually lead to the ouster of founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, Siegel believes we’re (finally) starting to see real progress. “The conversation has changed,” she recently told PCMag.
In addition to her roles at GE, Siegel sits on multiple boards, including those of the National Venture Capital Association and RAND Corp.