Sundeep Bhan
cofounder and CEO of Prognos

Prognos’ mission statement is an ambitious one: Knowledge is power and early disease detection can save lives. As the man largely leading the company’s charge, Bhan has set about analyzing medical records in an effort to determine a patient’s risk for various diseases, including asthma and lung cancer.

Prognos currently works with more than 20 pharma companies to create a targeted mapping of patients. The goal is multifaceted, ranging from locating individuals who might not know how high-risk they are to develop a certain condition to finding patients who aren’t responding to treatment the way they should be.
To that end, Prognos’ AI software taps a database of more than 14 billion medical records from 180 million patients and more than 1,000 different algorithms. The more information added to the system, the more the algorithm hones in on potential targets.
Bhan is not new to the health tech game. He previously served as CEO and cofounder of Medsite, which was sold to WebMD in 2006.