Tej Toor
formerly product at Blink Health

As a key member of Blink Health’s product team, Toor used tech to improve the notoriously inefficient drug industry. The Harvard University alum, who graduated with B.A. in applied mathematics in 2010, was attracted to the company owing to its mission to make drug prices in the U.S. more transparent.

Blink Health’s model helps consumers save money on generic drugs thanks to its ability to buy in bulk. Having previously worked as a consultant in the pharma industry – a role that gave her a front row view of the often out-of-whack and opaque pricing structures – Toor got to add a dose of reason to these transactions.

“It’s been a bit outlandish to think you often show up at the pharmacy with almost no idea what price you’re going to pay for your prescription medication,” she said on a recent panel held in New York. “We’re taking the basic e-commerce principles that so many industries have tried and applying them to our platform so people can see what they’re going to pay before they show up at the pharmacy.”