Wout Brusselaers
CEO of Deep 6 AI

Brusselaers, who began his career as a diplomat in the Middle East, is considered one of the health tech world’s sharpest thinkers in the realm of AI.

That’s reflected in his work at Deep 6 AI, a company using artificial intelligence to accelerate the time it takes to connect eligible patients to potentially life-saving clinical trials.
Using Deep 6’s self-service tools, pharma companies can locate patients matching trial criteria based on real-time patient data. In one instance, a trial site working on a Pfizer study for epithelial ovarian cancer found seven eligible patients in a far shorter time span than might otherwise have been expected. Other clients, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Healthbox, and DeciBio, have since signed up.
Brusselaers’ resume also includes a stint at McKinsey & Co., serving numerous industries across Asia. He has also founded an extreme sports adventure company in Singapore and spent five years in the international security business.