The Gift of Life Marrow Registry and cartoonist Angus Cameron have collaborated on “The Call,” a digital comic book that honors individuals who donate stem cells and bone marrow to people with blood cancer. The comic book, which arrives just ahead of World Marrow Donor Day on September 18, tells the story of a child who finds purpose when identified as a lifesaving match for a cancer patient.

“Twenty-six years ago, a real-life hero named Becky gave me the ultimate gift when she donated bone marrow that cured my leukemia and allowed me the opportunity to have hope and health,” said Gift of Life Marrow Registry founder and CEO Jay Feinberg in a statement. “Marrow donors may not wear capes, but they all have extraordinary courage and the conviction to step up when called upon to help someone in need.”

According to Gift of Life, only 30% of patients who need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant have a compatible donor in their immediate families. A secondary purpose of “The Gift,” then, is to drive awareness among the remaining 70% of would-be donors, especially individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are in good health.

“Saving a life begins with one remarkable person who takes the first step to swab their cheeks to join the registry and then answers the call to donate,” said Gift of Life Marrow Registry director of organizational advancement Marti Freund in the statement. “We hope that in seeing themselves represented as the superheroes they are, existing donors can be proud of their actions while new potential donors can be inspired to join the registry.”